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The Early Childhood Investment Corporation has pioneered with development of innovative, community-wide systems to improve the quality of early childhood support and care. Most noteworthy is our contribution to the creation of an ongoing technical assistance support for the state-wide network of Great Start Collaboratives and Parent Coalitions. Members of our team know how to help local stakeholders develop the clarity of visition, mission, and strategy that is essential to creating effective and efficient early care and education systems.

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Our Experts

Michele Chenier joined the Early Childhood Investment Corporation in 2010 and is a Technical Assistance Specialist working with Great Start Parent Liaisons around the state.  Ms. Chenier provides orientation for new Great Start Parent Liaison and Collaborative Directors as well as consultation, training and technical assistance to support the Great Start Network, which includes Parenting Leadership, Developing Strong and Effective Groups (Adaptive Schools), Parents Partnering for Change, and Authentic Parent Leadership & Voice. 

Ms. Chenier brings over 12 years of early childhood experience to ECIC including six years as a Preschool Center Assistant at a private preschool and two years as the Great Start Parent Liaison in Delta County.
Ms. Chenier received a Business Administration degree from Bay College. Continuing her education, she is a MPHI Certified Trainer – Parents Partnering for Change and is pursuing Adaptive Schools Associate Trainer Certification. Ms. Chenier is a certified Strengthening Families trainer.

Bryn Fortune is the Family and Parent Leadership Director at the Early Childhood Investment Corporation. For over 30 years, Ms. Fortune has overseen a variety of projects and initiatvives regarding the includion of authentic family and parent voice, engagement and leadership in various initiatives at the local, state and national level. She joined the Investment Corporation in 2009.

Ms. Fortune raised two daughters with special needs, the youngest who was born with significant health issues and spent 2.5 years of her first 5 years of live in the hospital. It is through this experience that she became passionate about the important knowledge that the parent perspective uniquely brings to the design, implementation and evaluation program and policy efforts. Bryn launched her efforts towards this focus in 1988 by being the first Parent Co-Cair for Michigan's Maternal and Child Health Bureau's, Childrens' Special Health Care Services Advisory Committee.

Ms. Fortune has extensive background and professional experience in leadership development, adult learning theory and curriculum design, training and facilitation practices addressing social justice challenges. Throughout the 1990's and early 2000's, Ms. Fortune was the Director of Michigan's Parent Leadership Program and its training initiative for Early On (the state's early childhood intervention system). From the winter of 2009 until the fall of 2010, in her original role with the Investment Corporation as Director for Great Start Parent Coalition Training and Technical Assistance, Ms. Fortune oversaw the growth and development of this statewide parent volunteer network from 900 members to over 10,000.

In her current role with ECIC, Ms. Fortune oversees the planning, development, design and implementation for the following projects:

  • Michigan's Maternal and Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) for parent engagement and leadership, as well as, the community level Local Leadership Groups.
  • Collaborative Improvement & Innovation Networks (CoIIN), Family Leadership Home Visiting Coach or Continuous Quality Improvement, nationally for the Title V Maternal and Women's Health Program.

Christy Opsommer joined the Early Childhood Investment Corporation in October, 2016 as Director of Systems and Assessments, Great Start to Quality.  In her role, she provides leadership and oversight for the assessment, validation and technology systems of Great Start to Quality. Prior to joining the Investment Corporation, Christy was Manager of Quality Improvement at Learning Care Group.   

Ms. Opsommer has more than 15 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, building effective collaborative and cross-functional partnerships, creating systems and resources for quality improvement, training and managing others, and grant writing, budgeting and implementation.

Ms. Opsommer received her Bachelor’s Degree in Family Community Services with an Early Childhood Education concentration from Michigan State University. 

Alissa Parks

Alissa Parks joined the Early Childhood Investment Corporation in 2008 and has served in many different roles for ECIC including Senior Director, Consultant, and is currently a Senior Technical Assistance Consultant supporting Great Start Collaboratives and Great Start Parent Coalitions across the state. She is a skilled facilitator and trainer and has expertise in group development and dynamics, designing and implementing effective collaborative meetings and technical assistance and training initiatives, and leading strategic planning efforts.  Ms. Parks has worked at both the state and local level leading a variety of systems reform efforts, primarily focused within the areas of early childhood, housing and homelessness, mental health and juvenile justice, substance abuse, and child welfare.

Ms. Parks has extensive experience at both the state and local level in building effective partnerships and implementing collaborative-based human service and early childhood initiatives.  Her prior experience also includes administering and coordinating 12 community change efforts simultaneously within a county boundary utilizing a variety of adaptive leadership skills and techniques.  She has also administered several statewide grant programs and has been involved in systems change efforts for almost 19 years.

Ms. Parks received her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice with a focus on youth services and sociology from Saginaw Valley State University and her Masters of Public Policy and Administration from Michigan State University with an emphasis on evaluation and organizational leadership.  She has been trained in a variety of individual, group and planning processes including Adaptive Schools, Cognitive Coaching, and the ABLe Change Framework.

Kenneth Roubal joined the Early Childhood Investment Corporation in 2016 as a Data Analyst.  In this role, he works across multiple projects to provide data analytics that support data-driven decision making and inform the Investment Corporation’s implementation of innovative, high-quality, research-based early childhood practices and policies.

For eight years prior to joining the Investment Corporation, Mr. Roubal worked in the field of mental health in concurrent capacities as a clinical researcher at an outpatient clinic and as a direct-care provider for Community Mental Health.  His research background in clinical psychology focused on child and caregiver interactions, functional impairment, inter-rater agreement, and caregiver’s perceptions of strain.  His clinical experience concentrated on developmental disabilities and administration of standardized clinical assessments.  Ken continues to pursue his research interests both at the Investment Corporation and with colleagues outside of the organization - he was recently published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies (January 2017).

In addition to experience in the field of mental health, Mr. Roubal worked for two years as the Supportive Housing Program Manager for the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition.  In this role, he worked to permanently house homeless families and chronically homeless adults with permanent and severe mental illness.  This experience catalyzed his interest in public service systems and, particularly for homeless families, the impact that process level changes could make on early childhood and the healthy futures of communities.

Mr. Roubal received two Bachelor’s Degrees from Michigan State University in 2008, one in Psychology and one in Philosophy.  He continued to broaden his knowledge base and skillsets through the completion of trainings on information technology as well as advanced statistical packages and research software.

Michelle Stevens joined the Early Childhood Investment Corporation as a Great Start to Quality Validator in December of 2015. Her current work is focused on ensuring the integrity of the Great Start to Quality rating system by reviewing the evidence submitted by programs and providers as part of their Self-Assessment Survey.

Ms. Stevens began her professional experience in the field of early childhood education by working at Early LCC in preschool classrooms as well as in a variety of supportive roles in the center. Most recently, Ms. Stevens worked at Lansing Community College as a Supplemental Instruction Leader for the Child Development and Early Education program where she helped to guide and support students learning. During this time Ms. Stevens also worked closely with the Child Development and Early Education program’s interim program director to assist with the program’s NAEYC annual report and accreditation renewal process. Ms. Stevens has experience analyzing and aggregating student data to inform and improve the quality of the program’s curriculum and practices.

Ms. Stevens received a Bachelor of Arts in Community Services with a Family System focus from Sienna Heights University and a Certificate of Achievement in Child Development and Early Education from Lansing Community College. She is continuing her education by working towards a Master’s degree in Social Foundations of Education at Eastern Michigan University.

Tia Wahl joined the Early Childhood Investment Corporation in 2017 as a Communications Specialist. In this role, she works across multiple projects to provide written verbal communications and marketing materials that support the implementation of innovative, high-quality, research-based early childhood practices and policies. 

Prior to officially joining the Investment Corporation, Ms. Wahl worked as a temporary support staff with the Investment Corporation beginning February 2017. During her temporary role, she supported the implementation of a complex statewide early childhood system. This support included supplying technical assistance to all internal and external staff, developing communication and marketing materials, as well as, strategizing social media content and sites with effective implementation outcomes.

In addition to the experiences as a support staff for the Investment Corporation, Ms. Wahl has held the role of a Communications Intern as part of the Crossroads Internship Program with Cru in Chicago, in which she worked across multiple projects to create promotional content and marketing materials for a large, but specific audience population.

Ms. Wahl received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies, with a focus on Public Relations from Baldwin Wallace University. 

Holly Wingard joined the Early Childhood Investment Corporation in 2009 and is a Technical Assistant Consultant specializing in parent and family engagement and leadership.  In this capacity, Ms. Wingard provides consultation, coaching and training supporting the development of parent and family leadership skills. 

Ms. Wingard began her work in family engagement as an advocate for children with disabilities, specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders, subsequently broadening her experience in developing family leadership as Berrien County Michigan’s first Great Start Parent Coalition Parent Liaison. In that position, she was responsible for the establishment and continued growth of the Coalition, which included recruiting and supporting parents of young children throughout the county to serve as advocates for early childhood services at the local and state level.

Ms. Wingard also worked as a Technical Assistant for 14 Parent Coalitions in Southwest Michigan and as the statewide Director of Parent Leadership and Public Will Building for the Investment Corporation.

Ms. Wingard received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology from The College of Wooster. She is a skilled trainer who continues to expand her extensive experience in Cognitive Coaching, Adaptive Schools, intercultural Communication, Statewide Autism Resources and Training (START), and numerous leadership methodologies.  Ms. Wingard is a certified Strengthening Families trainer.