Child Care Innovation Fund – Priority 4

Priority 4 Graphic

What is the Priority?

Collaborate on child care solutions with employers to improve the productivity, recruitment, and retention of their working families

Why is this Priority Important?

  • Availability of child care affects parents’ decision-making about joining or remaining in the labor force. A survey conducted in the U.S. prior to the pandemic found that decisions related to child care impact parents’ employment decisions and their work. Sixty-three percent of respondents said the cost of child care influenced their career decisions, including switching jobs to increase pay (38%) or switching from a full-time to part-time schedule (26%). (
  • The benefit of child care as a vital service to employers has not been widely understood nor valued prior to the COVID-19 pandemic (Child Care Covid 19 and Our Economic Future

What are some Common Sense Solutions?

The Child Care Innovation Fund is seeking equitable strategies to collaborate with employers. Below are some examples of solutions others have tried to make an impact on this Priority.  These examples should not limit the innovation ideas proposed by grantseekers.