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The Impact of Child Care Investments

Last year, Michigan invested $1.4 billion in child care to provide financial help to child care programs struggling to cover costs during the pandemic and to make child care more affordable for families. 

    • Are you a child care provider who is receiving the increased rates from the State? Is your program now billing by enrollment rather than attendance?
    • Are you a parent or guardian who is now receiving a subsidy from the state to help with the cost of child care?
    • Did you know that with these new expansions 1 in 3 families in Michigan now qualify for free or low-cost child care? See if you’re eligible. Have you had any difficulties applying for a subsidy? Share your story below.

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Did you know that many of the recent increased investments in child care are scheduled to end in September 2023? To help educate policymakers that there is still more to be done on child care, ECIC and Think Babies Michigan wants to hear from families with young children and child care providers about the impact that these new investments have made and why more funding to sustain the increases beyond 2023 is critical. 

Please take a moment to share your story.

Your experience is important in shaping policy decisions for children and families in your community.


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